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posted Mar 08, 2011 04:11:46 by tweizzer
Name: Tweizzer ------> Tommy
Class: paladin
Spec: holy
Availability: most of the time that I dont have class
About yourself: I played wotlk, mostly pvp but got into raiding a lot then i quit for a while then cata looked pretty good so i started up a week ago. I am availible most of the time and i am looking for a guild that i can gear up with as well as have fun with.

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Khazror said Mar 08, 2011 06:32:44
Name: Khazror
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Unholy and Blood
Availability: Weekends
About Yourself: I have played WoW since the beginning but only raided during WotLK. I have a lot of experience as unholy DPS but very little as a blood tank. Currently 352 ilevel in both specs. I'm looking for a guild that I can progress and have fun with. I am available during any time during the weekends but unavailable during weeknights due to classes.
Salsaboytwo said Mar 09, 2011 23:50:48
Name: Salsaboytwo
Class: Warrior
Spec: Fury
Availability: Sometimes during the week but mostly the weekends i can Friday and Sunday are best
About Yourself: I've been playing WoW sense vanilla only raided in WotLK though, i know general raid knowledge. I have pretty good knowledge with Fury my average dps at this moment is 10-11k. At the moment i have 346 ilvl. I want a friendly guild that raids pretty often i have vent and DBM and can get more if necessary.
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